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By providing informational resources and support, Community Solutions’ Mission is to strengthen community by strengthening children, youth and families among the most disenfranchised and under-served to achieve their highest potential to become valuable and valued members of the mainstream community.


2015 Conference logo announcement copyCommunity Solutions initiated the first-ever conference uniquely addressing the entire prison family.  The Prisoner’s Family Conference has been held annually since 2009 with attendees from across the country and abroad!  Exceptional keynote addresses and workshops are featured on a wide range of topics relevant to strengthening prison families.  The information and resources provided are as relevant for those serving prisoners and their families, as it is for prison family members.

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Pff logo handsPrisoner’s Family & Friends United (PFFUnited) is the on-line resource and support arm of Community Solutions.  For a modest donation, participants from anywhere in the country are provided information and resources relevant to specific issues of concern to prisoners and their loved ones.  The information and resources are regularly updated.  Helpful services are also available for fair and reasonable fees, including parole packet assistance and advocacy intervention for critical issues.  Visit for more information.

PFFUnited also promotes literature, fine art and music created by and for prison family members.

Unvarnished Cover Only

Richard Bulldogging

The Unvarnished Truth about the Prison Family Journey is the first book to address the unique challenges faced by prison family members.  Weaving legal, emotional and personal perspectives, the book provides a useful guide to lessen the trauma of navigating the entire prison family journey from arrest through community re-entry and family reunification.  The book is co-authored by Community Solutions Executive Director, Carolyn Esparza, LPC and current Texas prisoner, Phillip Don Yow, Sr.

Artwork displayed - “Bulldogging” by Richard Torres

Literary and artistic projects produced by prison family members may be submitted for review and consideration for promotion.  E-mail for more information.

All Community Solutions activities are provided through the kindness of generous donors.  All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support of Community Solutions.